With formal training in debate and public speaking, Dr. Jessilin Quint enjoys lecturing on topics related to eye health, dry eye disease, ocular pathology, entrepreneurship, personal branding, leadership, and building a positive team culture. She is a COPE approved speaker and speaks at optometry, pharmacy, and other interdisciplinary healthcare conferences both in the USA and internationally.


Dr. Quint co-hosts two podcasts: Bold & Bright-Eyed and the COVID-19 Special Edition of The Mod Pod. She works with several elite brands in the optometric industry and recently gained experience giving virtual lectures via various online conferencing platforms. Her energy, passion, and engaging personality on stage is captivating.


Dr. Quint is a consultant for optometry private practices and companies in the eye care industry. Her unique MBA and optometry background allow her to help other business owners scale their practice, develop an effective strategy for growth, and enhance their leadership skillset. She also provides employee and leadership training on topics of team culture, executing sales, and leading effective team meetings. As a consultant with industry sponsors, she has led round-table discussions on product development, best practice strategies, and innovative trends in eye care.  She is an author in many industry publications and welcomes new professional opportunities. 




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7.   Dr. Quint will go above and beyond to ensure your event is a success! 


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